Month after month, the sales numbers continue to prove Americans’ love of pickup trucks. Driving one is no longer a bumpy, jarring experience that you have to endure. Truck makers today are building pickups with much broader appeal – safety, convenience, and a plethora of comfort features. In a recentRead More →

The reason most truck owners go for four rear wheel trucks has more to do with capabilities and less with style. Opting for a truck with four rear wheels, also known as “dual rear wheel”(DRW) or dually, has to do more with need. Dual rear wheels are known for theirRead More →

If you have purchased a 2007 diesel pickup truck or later model, you have probably heard about the complexities of the new diesel particulate filters (DPF) mandated by the EPA.  In an effort to reduce pollution, the EPA has been zealously stepping up regulations against automobiles.  This is because automobilesRead More →