Top 5 Best LED Tail Lights for The Chevy Silverado Reviewed

Make your Chevy Silverado stand out with LED Tail lights!

Looking to take your Silverado’s exterior styling to the next level? Or are you wanting to improve the visibility and overall safety of your Chevy truck? If so, then a shiny new pair of LED tail lights is the perfect way to do it! LED tail lights are getting more and more common in trucks nowadays, and the variety on the market is HUGE! This can make choosing the right set for your truck a daunting task. Not to worry, we are here to help.

We have done extensive research and testing to put together this list of the best LED tail lights available, considering all factors such as brightness, lifespan, durability, price, fitment and aesthetics. All the tail lights on this list are legal to use in every state. We will give a brief summary of the benefits to having LED tail lights installed on you truck, right after this top 5 list. Stay tuned mother truckers!

Top 5 Best LED tail lights for your Chevy Silverado

Spyder Silverado LED tail lights

Cheap LED taillights

It comes as no surprise that the Spyder LED tail light tops the list. Possibly the most popular aftermarket tail light fitted to Silverado’s, and for all the right reasons!

They give you a wide variety of styles to choose from, but personally I think the smoked tail lights look sick! You could choose the clear lens if you want the benefits of LED tail lights, but want to keep a more stock look.

Installation should only take roughly 15 minutes. They come ready to plug in with no wire splicing needed. Turn them on and tell me your not amazed at the brightness, especially when you stomp the brake!

Don’t let the low price fool you, these are pretty darn high quality for the money. I’ve had these on through a few freezing cold winters and have yet to see any leakage or condensation!

Have a look at the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see plenty of happy customers!

#2 Anzo USA 311081 Chevrolet Silverado HD Black LED Tail Lights


Anzo LED tail lights Chevy Silverado

Cheap LED taillights

Another big contender in the game, Anzo, makes some high quality lights that are arguably the best looking LED tail lights on the market! The only reason they aren’t first on the list is because they are slightly more expensive. Still though, for under 250$ you get a stunning set of lights if this is within your budget.

They are made in compliance with all OE standards so are safe to use in all of USA.

These are pretty much just as easy to install as the Spyder lights, featuring the same plug and play style setup. Make sure you order the correct fitment for your Chevy model, I am constantly seeing people complaining about them not fitting. THEY DO FIT if you choose the correct fitment.

Overall, these are a great set of tail lights. They are super bright and give your Chevy a more modern look. They have a Thermo-Hygrometer, and are very well sealed. 

#3 SPPC Red/Clear LED Tail Lights For Chevy Silverado 1988 – 1999


SPPC Chevy Silverado LED tail lights

Cheap LED taillights

Got an older model chevy that you want to freshen up? This is by far the best pair of LED tail lights for 88 – 99 model Silverado’s. They are super bright and very high quality. A lot of older Chevys I see driving about have dull and faded tail lights. For the price of a Saturday night out I can’t see why anyone wouldnt want this upgrade.

Simple to install and should take you 30 minutes at the most. They are made by OEM approved manufacturers under strict OEM guidelines. This means that no shortcuts could be taken when designing these, resulting in the a real high quality set of LED tail lights.

I think the reason I love this set so much is purely down to the fact that they make such a difference to an older model truck. These are a necessity in my opinion and at around a 100 bucks theres no excuse not to buy them!

#4 STEALTH STT0067-BS 07-13 Chevy Silverado LED Tail Light  Smoke Lens

Stealth LED tail lights

Cheap LED taillights

Featuring a black housing and smoked lens, the unique design of these tail lights has good performance and great aesthetics. This particular set will fit a 2007 – 2013 model Silverado. A great looking set of lights, with there only real downfall being the installation process.
These do not come with an installation manual, but you will find the instructions online. Even with the instructions, you may find these to be a trickier install than other tail lights.
Installation aside, these look top notch, and keep moisture out no problem. This set has also seen some harsh winters here, without cracking or leaking.


Cheap LED taillights

Last, but not least, a pair of AutoSaver LED tail lights. This is not an overly expensive set of tail lights, and gives the back end of your truck a more aggressive look. The exclusive design of these tail lights will make your vehicle stand out from the rest, I personally haven’t seen many of these about – perfect if you want your chevy to be unique!

They have a simple plug and play installation which requires no modifications. These have a really strongly designed housing. I dont expect any of these to come with pieces chipped on delivery – unlike many cheaply made sets I’ve seen!
Overall I would recommend these as a cheap mod to give the back of your truck that beastly look, whilst reaping the rewards of LED lights. Well done AutoSaver!

What’s the main benefits of LED taillights For my Chevy Silverado?

– Greater Visibility and increases Safety

LED tail lights often double or triple the range of standard lights, which is the main reason they are considered to have a major increase on road safety. Heck, every vehicle on the road should have them! Next time your driving at night or in poor visibility, keep an eye out and you will notice that you will be able to spot cars and trucks with LED taillights at much greater distance than standard taillights.

This is due to the fact that they are constructed froom several lightbulb systems, rather than single bulbs found in standard tail lights. Therefore, they emit an array of light that makes your truck more visible at greater distances.

– Make your Silverado unique and stylish!

This is probably the main reason why most of you want to upgrade your Silverado with LED tail lights, and rightly so. Your tail lights give you the perfect opportunity to leave a long lasting impression when you leave everyone else eating your dust! Ensure your daily driver is eye catching with a shiny new set of LED tail lights. There are many different combinations to choose from to give your truck that extra flair, from smoked to chrome. The color of your ride will play a big part in choosing the right style for you, but in my opinion smoked LED taillights look bad-ass on any truck!

– Longer Lasting and greater Lifespan

There is two main reasons why LED taillights will last longer in your Chevy:

  • LED’s are shockproof – so if your an aggressive driver like myself, then they may be a necessary upgrade haha! Just think of a standard household lightbulb, give it a few shakes and it wont be lighting up your living room, that’s for sure! Well, you’ll be glad to know this isn’t the case with LED lights!
  • Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs don’t have a filament to heat up and burn out. Therefore they can last well over 10 times longer! When an LED light is getting to the end of its life it will start to dim, rather than suddenly going out like your standard lightbulb.

– Simple Installation usually takes roughly 30 minutes

All the taillights on our list are simple ‘plug and play’mn  . There’s no need for wire splicing or any of that nonsense – pffft, who has time for that anyway ! This simple upgrade can be done in about 10 minutes usually. Quick tip – even if your not mechanically inclined, just have a look on YouTube for installation tutorials, there is no need to fork out any cash for a mechanic – its really that simple!

– Better Overall Energy Efficiency

A great benefit of LED lights is that they only require a very minimal amount of energy to run. Although the difference will be barely noticeable on its own, it puts less strain on the battery and alternator which is a good thing when you’ve got a power hungry stereo system pumping! Less strain on the battery and alternator equals less frequent repairs/changes – which in turn equals more money in our pockets!


If you’ve made it this far, then hopefully you gained some useful knowledge about LED tail lights. As I’ve shown you, there are many great advantages of having them installed on your truck. Not only do they look amazing, they greatly increase road safety.
I’ve compiled the list from extensive research along with my own experience through the years. If you feel that I missed out on any specific set that you like, feel free to drop a comment below. Looking for more cool upgrades for you Silverado? Have a look at our Interior , performance and exterior sections. I’m sure you will find other upgrades that will tickle your fancy.
Keep on truckin’ mother truckers!

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