Why do Americans Buy Trucks?

Month after month, the sales numbers continue to prove Americans’ love of pickup trucks. Driving one is no longer a bumpy, jarring experience that you have to endure. Truck makers today are building pickups with much broader appeal – safety, convenience, and a plethora of comfort features. In a recent poll commissioned by Chevrolet across Texas, California and Florida, several interesting responses turned up:

All responses pointed to how much Americans love their trucks. For instance, did you know that 27% of owners actually name their pickup trucks? … and almost 60% consider their pickup to be part of the family. Stirring results indeed! So why exactly do Americans prefer trucks and SUV’s to other car types like sedans and hatchbacks?

Here are 5 primary reasons:

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When it comes to size, trucks and cars are different from each other. Trucks are larger and come with extra features which cars can’t offer due to their small and compact size. A family truck comes with four full sized doors in a higher or mid level trim and extra backseat and additional cab space has been a trend for over a decade now. Bigger cabs mean more space for adults and kids as pickups offer ample rear-seat room to set-up child seats.

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Trucks consist of two halves, the cab and the bed. Both of these work hand in hand to create the perfect pickup truck that brings comfort and luxury to those that ride alongside. These cabs come in varying sizes: some single cab designs accommodate three people while other extended cabs can hold a family of five or more. Pickups now offer larger cab options with a quiet interior and more luxury features. Unlike other vehicles, a pickup truck has at the back of the vehicle, a large storage bed. This storage bed is flat and used to stack heavy objects and materials. You can also place a Tonneau cover over the top of the bed to keep luggage and other materials safe and dry.


Pickup trucks have stronger bodies compared to other vehicles. Their sturdy bodies make them tough as they are less likely to suffer damage in the event of an accident. They possess a cab and a bed with each part serving a different function. The rear-bed of a truck can separate from the cab allowing for higher chassis flexibility. This flexibility enables trucks to tow, haul, and pull heavier vehicles with ease.

Pickup trucks can adapt to all types of driving surfaces and weather conditions. They possess a full frame construction and most are also 4 wheel drive with high ground clearance. This ground clearance enables better visibility and a clear view of the road and surroundings. A pickup truck gives you an overall improved feeling of control.

Towing Capability

Towing capability is considered by many to be one of the best features of a pickup truck. Pickup trucks are mean machines built for the off-road and the outdoors. Like no other other vehicle, trucks possess the best towing and hauling capabilities. Trucks have the ability to pull a trailer, camper, a boat and other vehicles. The larger the bed of the truck, the more items you can transport and haul with ease.

Trucks are reliable and dependable. With its versatility, pickup trucks provide you with a lot of options to choose from. You can configure your truck the way you want it to be. You can select the transmission, the engine you want, the cab and the bed length. Pickup trucks get used for different purposes – Family, off-road hauling, towing and much more. Full size pickup trucks can merge hauling capacity with ample seating.  They are a good option for those who work in construction jobs that need movement of heavy objects.


Pickup trucks are large vehicles designed to plow via obstacles. Instead of severe damage in the event of accidents like most typical compact sedans would. For sometime now, the safety feature of trucks has generally boiled down to its size. Pickup trucks have depended on for stability and fewer injuries during crashes. Pickup trucks have built on their ingrained advantage of size and strength.  With newer safety measures added. These additions have further enhanced the pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are now some of the perfect vehicles to use for you and your family.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in its studies. found that a heavier vehicles push a lighter one backwards during the impact of a collision. Thus, the force is less on the occupants of the heavier vehicle and more force on those in the lighter vehicle.

Given the high ground clearance of pickup trucks with an excellent field of view. A driver of a pickup truck is able to see over most traffic and has a better vision over drivers of sedans. This enables the pickup driver to identify potential accidents sooner. The driver reacts with more time than passenger car drivers. Latest technologies like crumple zone, airbags, automatic emergency braking (AEB). These technologies have improved crash safety among cars in recent years. Trucks are not left out as well. Modern trucks are now adopting these new and advanced safety systems.

Powerful Engine

One of the reasons Americans choose trucks over cars is due to their powerful engines. Pickup trucks do not typically have good gas mileage. The sound of the engine and the power upon putting the “pedal to the metal” gives pickup lovers a sense of control. Big engines and luxurious cabins are often found in today’s pickup trucks. This makes cruising all day at high speeds more enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

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Finally, the pickup truck is a symbol of the American dream with its ability to merge work and play into one task.  These and many more are the reasons why Americans buy pickup trucks.

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